Stem voor Gewoon Minecraft NL

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Gewoon Minecraft NL

Last online: Jul 22, 2017 - 18:35

Medals held by WiFiKabelverhuur:


Statistics by award (view raw data):

Stat Score Award Rank
Time played on the server: 5:51 h Addict #15
Zombie Pigmen killed: 1 Against the Nether #9
Potions used: Alchemist
Animals bred: Animal Lover
Spiders killed: 6 Arachnophobia #15
Arrows shot: Archer
Pieces of armor crafted: 4 Armorer #16
Pigs killed: 3 Bacon Lover #22
Wolves / dogs killed: Bad Dog!
Ocelots / cats killed: Bad Kitty!
Bats killed: Badman
Distance ridden on a pig: Because I Can
Items dropped: 82 Begone! #13
Hearts of damage dealt: 5863 Berserker #20
Books written: Bestseller
Sheep killed: Big Bad Wolf
Coal ore blocks mined: 145 Black Gold #14
Swords crafted: Blacksmith
Skeletons killed: 42 Bone Collector #6
Crap items eaten: 6 Bottom Feeder #4
Brick blocks crafted: Brickhead
Villagers killed: Bully
Rabbits killed: Bunny Killer :(
Times jumped: 5348 Bunnyhopper #14
Cacti mined: Cactus Farmer
Diamond ore blocks mined: Capitalist
Eggs thrown: 831 Catch! #3
Distance climbed: 592m Climber #4
Wool crafted or dyed: Clothier
Diamonds tossed to others: Communist
Mineral blocks crafted: Compressor
Cookies eaten: Cookie Monster
Cows killed: 1 Cow Tipper #19
Creepers killed: 1 Creeper Creep #23
Times killed by a creeper: Crept
Shears used: Cutter
Dirt placed: 87 Dirtbag #18
Records played: Disc Jockey
Distance dived: 140m Diver #17
Redstone items placed: 2 Electrician #13
Items enchanted: Enchanter
Lapis Lazuli ore blocks mined: Enchanter's Gopher
Endermen killed: Enderman Ender
Torches placed: 44 Enlightened #21
Dirt, sand and gravel "mined": 350 Excavator #15
Different biomes explored: Explorer
Number of deaths: 3 Extra Life #26
Ground blocks plowed: 1 Farmer #17
Fish eaten: 33 Fish Gourmet #9
Fish caught: Fisherman
Plants potted: Florist
Glass placed: 10 Glassworker #10
Cobweb removed: God...Damnit...!!
Gold ore blocks mined: Gold Rush
Saplings and flowers planted: Green Thumb
Ender Chests crafted: Grief This!
Fireworks launched: Happy New Year!
Iron ore blocks mined: 84 Heart of Iron #18
Horses killed: Horse Hater
Mooshrooms killed: I Killed a Mooshroom!
Redstone ore blocks mined: I Need This!
Lava buckets emptied: I'm a Griefer!
Ice blocks destroyed: Ice Breaker
Times killed by a zombie: Infected
Iron Bars placed: Jailer
Chickens killed: 7 KFC #12
Trapped chests triggered: 3 Klutz #10
Tall grass block destroyed: 117 Lawnmower #12
Cakes made: Liar
Bookshelves crafted: Librarian
Magma Cubes killed: Magma Cream
Distance sprinted: 9.7km Marathon Runner #17
Hearts of damage taken: 2952 Masochist #23
Stone mined: 1075 Mason #16
Meat items eaten: 12 Meat on the Table #21
Pistons placed: Mechanic
Melons farmed: Melon Helmet
Milk buckets drunk: Milksop
Ghasts killed with own fireball: Minecraft Open
Emerald ore blocks mined: 2 Mountain Miner #11
Number of portal uses: Multiworld
Item frames placed: Museum Owner
Note blocks played/tuned: Musician
Silverfish killed: 2 Nasty Little... #12
Nether Bricks made: Nether Constructor
Blazes killed: Nether Extinguisher
Nether Warts planted: Nether Farmer
Obsidian blocks mined: Obsidian Miner
Paper produced: Paper Champion
Squids killed: Pool Cleaner
Banners placed: Propaganda
Fires started: Pyromaniac
Distance gone by minecart: 31m Rail Rider #9
Rails placed: Railway Company
Raw meat items eaten: 1 Raw Eater #26
Beacons crafted: Ray of Light
Signs placed: 32 Readme.txt #4
Distance ridden on horse: Rider
Distance gone by boat: Sailor
Sea Lanterns placed: Seabed Inhabitant
Times slept in bed: 1 Sleepyhead #24
Distance crouched: 130m Sneaker #17
Snowballs thrown: 234 Snowball Fight! #1
Stews eaten: Soupy Kaspar
Sponges dried: Spongebob
Water buckets emptied: 12 Spring #12
Ender Eyes thrown: Stronghold Seeker
Time since last death: 1:05 h Survivor #16
You don't want this award: Suspect
Slimes killed: Swamp Lurker
Distance swum: 381m Swimmer #15
Ghasts killed: Tear Drinker
Netherrack mined: 15 Terraformer #14
Torches destroyed: 20 The Darkside #13
Villager trades completed: Trader
Ender pearls thrown: Translocator
Distance walked: 12.1km Traveler #14
Treasures fished: Treasure Hunter
Jack o'Lanterns crafted: Trick or Treat!
Guardians killed: Underwater Raider
Nether Quartz ore blocks mined: 82 Use the Quartz! #10
Veggie items eaten: 152 Vegetarian #10
Junk items fished: Wannabe Fisherman
Chests opened: 87 Warehouser #19
Tools broken: 7 Wastrel #16
Clocks crafted: What time is it?
Compasses crafted: Where am I?
Times the inventory was opened: Where did I put...?
Witches killed: Witch Hunter
Wood cut: Woodcutter
Tools crafted: 12 Workshop #18
Zombies killed: 10 Zombie Grinder #21